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Is any of the below your ULTIMATE FITNESS GOAL?




Physique Aesthetic Improvement


Do you have the ideal physique that you want to achieve? But you don't know any fitness routine that can give you the body to boast about. Our
award-winning and certified personal trainer will mold and chisel you into your dream body!




Sport Performance


Recognize, Activate and Utilize the right muscle groups for better sport
performance! Train the body and strengthen the injury-prone areas.
Personalized training plans and sport science knowledge set by our fitness trainers are tailored specially for clients who are looking to over achieve in competitive sports and games.


Body Tone Up


Your best chance at incinerating the excess mass. Be equipped, with the
right mindset and knowledge to be challenged every week with different personal training plans for the ultimate fitness journey! Our certified personal trainers are ready to plan it with you.




Sports Rehabilitation


Recover from sport injuries and pain. Restore muscle strength, endurance and power with our personalized training with our certified fitness trainer! Improve your flexibility and build resilience to reduce the chances for repeated injuries.





Our Free Trial Includes:

2x 60 mins session with a dedicated and highly qualified fitness trainer for a 1-1 personal training.


 Personal trainer will provide a free customized training session to ensure that you are comfortable with our training pedagogy.

Personal trainer will provide a body composition analysis which can find out your bodyfat percentage, skeletal muscle mass and fat mass by using the highly accurate InBody Body Composition Analyzer.


Personal trainer will discuss your fitness goals and joint pain issues in detail and collectively come up with a highly effective training strategy to help you reach your fitness goal(s) without pain. The personal trainer will also coach you in adopting healthy eating habits that will make achieving your fitness goals sustainable and highly effective!

Why Us?



Flexible Training Schedule



Our fitness training is able to meet your lifestyle needs and is flexible to fit into your busy schedule



Structured Exercise Program



Unlike group training, personal training is perfect for individuals who are new to gym training or requires a structured exercise program to meet a specific goal to meet your lifestyle needs and is flexible to fit into your busy schedule.



Private Training Zone



Unlike crowded big gyms or personal training gyms , our personal training studio is perfect for individuals who desires a private place to train in and 100% focused training by our highly qualified personal trainers. If you dont' like crowded gym, this is the training place for you!



World Class Fitness Equipment



A premier setup for the best training experience for you. These equipment are used by world class athletes around the world.



Holistic & Customised Fitness Program



Tailored based on your fitness statistics and goals with our 1-1 personal training, it is excellent for individuals with health conditions and dealing with joint pains, as well as movement and/or flexibility restrictions. Your training session is a unique combination of strength training, loaded movement training and functional training method!


We are RAW Active


At RAW, our highly qualified personal trainers will help you to achieve your desired health and fitness results in the shortest time possible. Regardless of your desire to lose weight, condition and tone, enhance your aesthetics and physiques, or strengthen to prevent sports injuries. Our personal trainers will assess, monitor, motivate, and hold you accountable for you and your training like never before! Have a glimpse of your 'better self' with the co-created fitness training plan by you and our trainers.


What Our Clients Say


After months of being inactive, I was looking for a effective program to kickstart my exercise regime. I was referred to Glenn at RAW Active by a contact who had success through the personal training program. It was hard to get started. Glenn is really patient with the process. He is attentive every session and monitors the progress made and your state during the session. He shares his knowledge and believes in integrating fitness with your lifestyle to ensure sustainability. It has been an interesting and progressive 3 months so far. I look forward to more progress in the months ahead.

Gina Chua


I trained with Sam who is very knowledge about human physiology and intentional on technique, with every exercise designed to focus specific muscle groupings and preventing injury with both movement/mobility and strength training. When I started I wanted to improve my fitness and strength for cycling which has been achieved. Highly recommend RAW Active & Sam!

Simon Ong

This is my first experience with Private Trainer, Glenn. It was a recommendation by a friend and also an ex-colleague of mine who vouch that Glenn is a good PT. Every session is a casual one yet muscles are clearly targeted and worked-out. Glenn doesn't work you out like how Terry Crew does.


No doubt to continue after our initial 5 session ends.

Alvin Fu


About Us


RAW was founded in 2017 by award-winning lead trainer, Glenn Ang. Together with a team of experienced personal trainers, they have helped hundreds of clients achieve their desired health and fitness results in the shortest time possible. RAW takes pride and commits to working with individuals to reach their fitness goals and give them their own private space in fitness training, regardless of your fitness goals of toning up, sports therapy for sports injury, strength training for muscular and physique improvement.

RAW was also awarded as the best personal training gym in Singapore and Asia for having world-class equipment and over-qualified personal trainers. As Singapore’s first-and probably the world's first-anti-gym, RAW works with smart and driven trainers. Since 2009, our personal trainers have been flying across the globe to acquire new skills and have started their professional fitness careers in mega gyms in Singapore.

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